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A Pumpkin of a Different Color

Hello all,

I am starting to come around to the fact that summer is fading and I must face the coming of fall and soon to be winter.  I always mourn the loss of our sunshine filled days and pleasant summer heat each year.   So, time to pull out the warm sweaters and sweat shirts, long pants and warm socks…’tis the season.

The one thing that I do appreciate about the fall  is the color; the many shades of yellow and orange that splash across the trees are just lovely to see.  The fall project below however,  was made using a non-traditional color scheme.  While browsing the craft store this morning I found fall florals in these beautiful shades of blue and green.  These colors, paired with a white pumpkin, made for an interesting take on a fall project.

Check out the video below for how to you can use your stencils on really bumpy substrates like this pumpkin.

Materials used:

Check out the Video below:

I hope that you have enjoyed this project and will try this “stencil on tissue” method that will stretch the use of your favorite stencils.

Bring on the fall…

Happy day!




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