Catch up & Original Art Work 4/26/2020

Hello all,

Thought I would touch base and let you know about some of the crafty things that I have been up to.  With the “Stay at Home” orders right now, I have had more crafting time than usual.  One good thing, at least!  The other good thing, taking advantage of Micheals’ order and pick up service.  It has been nice to keep the basics in good supply.  Especially, since I ran out of glue on Saturday.

Original Art work:

So, with all this extra crafting time, I have completed a few new pieces on Mixed Media Art work.  These new pieces have been loaded onto the website are are ready for sale.  I hope you will check them out.  Right now the website is set up for shipping within the US only however, if you live outside of the U.S. and are interested in purchasing original art work, please contact me and I will see if something special can be worked out.

Original Art Work for Sale

Card Making:

Card making wise, I was in kind of a rut so I started building collage backgrounds and setting them aside for later.  This worked out well as, after a few days, I pulled these backgrounds out later and started creating cards.  I have included  a picture one of these cards below.

Collage backgrounds      Butterflies 4.25.20

Earth day 2020:

Did you know that April 22nd was Earth Day?  SLCC had a call for art in celebration of Earth day.  The theme was Climate Change and each participant explained how there piece was created with the theme in mind.  Below is my submission.  Go to their website for more details.

UPDATE:  I won 2nd Place in this Art Contest!  Woot Woot!! 

Inspired by Nature – Earth Day 2022

Creative recycle

Well, that is it for me.  Hope you all are staying safe and healthy.  I am uplifted by a bit of nice weather in my area.  It is lovely to see spring popping out where ever I look.  Bright, green, warm and wonderful!  So looking to Summer!

Happy day!


LC & C logo round best 209

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