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A trio of Sublimation creations


Hello all,

Oh my Gosh, NAMTA Creativation was wonderful. I am so happy that I was able to be in attendance this year. One of the coolest new products that was featured at this year’s show was artesprix’s Sublimation Acrylic Paints and new colors of Stamp pads! I was already in love with the artesprix Sumblimation markers and the black stamp pad that has been on the market, these new products just expanded the creative options for sublimation to a whole new level! Below is a trio of sublimation goodness featuring the Sublimation Acrylic Paints. Be sure to also check out the Quick Tips Mixed Media Video below for the step by steps!

Sublimation bag and magnet with hand-made card made from spent transfer image.

Lori’s Cards and Creations Stamps:
Sketchy Flower

artesprix supplies:

Other Supplies:
Computer Paper
Cricut Heat Plate
Imagine 8 Canvas Tote
GEL Press Printing Plate

Quick Tips Mixed Media Video