A day of reflection.

Being the last day of 2021, I find myself reflecting back on the year. The good, the bad, the what the heck happened to another year! It’s been a tough few years on all of us, for sure.

Did I accomplish what I wanted to in 2021? Well, no and I really only have myself to blame. It is so easy to let the unavoidable events in life throw us off course. It’s an expected reality. I think that the trick to being successful is not letting those events derail us for too long. That is what I intend to improve on this next year.

My 2022 goal is to address life’s challenges with a bit more grace. I am going to deal with problems quickly to allow myself to stay on track. That’s it, that is my only solid goal for 2022. Life is to unpredictable. Yes, I have a good plan on what I what to accomplish. But, I am going to be flexible on how I get there.

Happy New Year, everyone! May your 2022 be filling with hope, health and happiness!

Happy day!


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