A different kind of Mixed Media…

Hello all,

I have been exploring a different kind of art and craft lately using my essential oils and herbs.  It is all a part of my plan to use more natural products and limit unhealthy ingredients that I consume (internally and externally).

This post is walking you through my recipe for a “Touch of Sunshine” liquid hand soap.  This recipe was inspired by DIY Liquid Handsoap Pinterest pin by Happy Mothering.  My recipe has been tweeked a bit as I wanted to make mine more bright, cheery and full of sunshine!

Ok, so I maybe it’s a bit corny, but the root of this recipe is the infusion of sunshine.  Infusion of what?!? Yes, sunshine.  By placing my water into a jar and setting in the sunshine, I get the spirit of sunshine into my recipe.  Hey, it works for me!   And…I hope it works for you too.

Check out the recipe card as well as the Quick Tips “A different kind of Mixed Media” video below for the step by steps.

Touch of Sushine mian

touch of sunshine printed recipe

Quick Tips “A different kind of Mixed Media” video

So, what craft things have you been up to lately?  Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!

Happy day!


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