Bird in Flight, Steampunk

Hello all,

Wanted to share my latest project with you all.  I haven’t done a rustic piece in a while.  I always enjoy creating the rusty effects with acrylic paint and texture paint.   This is one of those projects where the photo doesn’t do it justice; it just doesn’t pick up the texture that you see in person.  Anyhow, that doesn’t dim the joy of creating.  I love the process of creating layer over layer of color and texture.  This piece features a Vintage iron star, junk jewelry as well as many other bits and bobs.

Bird in Flight Steampunk indoor photo 3

I will be at the Urban Flea Market in Downtown Salt Lake City this Sunday,  May 5th and this piece will be on sale with many other pieces.   Hope you will stop on by and say hi!

Urban Flea Market

Happy day!


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