Vintage License Plate – Steampunk

Hello all,

At the last Urban Flea Market, I purchased a vintage license plate with plans to alter it in a Steampunk fashion.  Well tonight I finally had a chance to work on it.  I won’t have a full material list for this one as I got a little into the creative process and forgot to keep track.  I did use a 6″ gear that I purchased from the Etsy Shop, Victorian Foundry.  Isn’t it so cool!?!

Gears, vintage finds, and other embellishments were also used to create this Steampunk design along with DecoArt paints.  Well, it is a late night but well worth it as I really enjoyed this project.

Mixed Media License Plate Steampunk 2.23.18

Hope you all have a happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Vintage License Plate – Steampunk”

  1. Oh WOW! There’s so much detail! It’s a seek and find game to find all the pieces you mentioned. I don’t post half of the items or techniques I use on my projects because I don’t remember after the creative process is over. I’d have to keep notes and that would totally mess up my mojo!😂 The Steampunk style suits you Lori!


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