Junk Jewelry Mixed Media

Hello all,

So, I intended for this project to be a short 15 minute video tutorial however, that didn’t work out.  Ugh! I must have hit take the photo button instead of video because that is all I got out of the venture. Bummer!

Mixed Media on 6x6 wood panel junk jewelry 1.23.18

I really just wanted a quick and relaxing project for tonight anyhow, so all is good.  This project was done on a 6″x 6″ wood panel that I picked up at Craft Warehouse last time I was up in Idaho.  It provided a nice flat, solid base to work with so the texture paste went on with ease.   After giving the panel a quick brush over with grey paint, I applied texture paste through two different stencils (top/bottom).  After dry, I sealed the piece with matte medium.

I then sprayed blue and green acrylic paint on the portion of the canvas where I was going to be placing the focal  point.  I wanted to create a nice backdrop for the junk jewelry pieces.  A strip of metal studded ribbon was adhered across the lower middle portion of the canvas to provide a break between the top and bottom textured areas.

I really enjoy collecting and using junk jewelry on my mixed media pieces.  For this project, I used a couple of metal flower charms and a variety of beads.  Finally, I highlighted areas on the focal piece and canvas with a White Artist Pitt pen and then sprayed the entire project with Color Bloom spray (Pearl White).

Junk Jewerly from mom
My stash of Junk Jewerly

I hope you enjoyed this project.  Hopefully, my next video will be more successful!


Happy Day!


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