A Vintage Journey – Winter Wonderland Challange

Hello all,

A big thank you to Sara Emily for the wonderful comments she left on my blog today as well as for introducing me to the “A Vintage Journey” blog.  They have a terrific  Winter Wonderland challenge for December that she so kindly pointed out to me and mentioned that a few of my recent projects might be a good fit.

Upon checking the blog out, I find that I am very excited to participate and follow this group.  As the name implies, the blog focuses on Vintage style challenges and welcomes different styles and modes of creativity.  Very nice!  I have already spied several lovely projects posted by their “Creative Guides” and participants.

I am re-posting and linking a couple of my recent Wintery projects to their Winter Wonderland Challenge for December.  How exciting!  I will definetly be adding this blog to my list of monthly challenges to participate in!

Project 1: Believe (was also entered into the November “The Mixed Media Monthly” Believe Challenge.

Mixed Media.Assemblage Winter sleigh 2017

Project 2: My Mixed Media Round Canvas project titled “Wish”

Mixed Media Christmas Canvas 2017 Wish

For details, please see my previous blog post in regards to each of these projects.  Also, be sure to check our Sara Emily’s Blog “Sarascloset” as well as the “A Vintage Journey” blog”.   Both are great sites to visit and follow!

Happy day!