Mixed Media for Mom

Hello all,

About a month ago I posted a picture on Instagram of the tin of junk jewelry that my mom had saved up for me (I have re-posted the photo below).  I was super excited to dig into this pile of goodies and have already used bits and pieces on several projects since then.

Junk Jewerly from mom

To thank her for this fabulous gift, I have made my mom a Mixed Media Canvas (7″ x 5″ x 1 1/4″) using pieces from this junk jewelry collection.  Outside of the Tim Holtz Quote Band, all other embellishments came from the items that my mom had given me.

Mixed Media Canvas Junk Jewerly.mom

She knows I love this stuff so she collects these items for me from 2nd hand stores and flea markets.  I hear that she has another batch of goodies to give to me when I see her next.  Lucky me!!

I will see her again on Thanksgiving and plan to give her this Mixed Media piece at that time.  Fitting, I suppose.  I sure hope she likes it!

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving full of family, friends, and wonderful times!

Happy day!


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