Change your Thoughts…Art Journal Page

Hello all,

I am reminded, as I sit here at my craft desk late on a Sunday night, how quickly the world changes around us.  Sometimes it seems over whelming to tackle all that gets thrown our way.  However, being an optimistic person by nature, I am also reminded of a quote that helps me put this crazy life back into perspective:

“Change your thoughts and you change your world”

by Norman Vincent Peale

This is so very true!  Our life experiences, fears, likes and dislikes often intensify our reactions to changes; making them feel far worse than they actually are.  For me, this quote reminds me that (even though I cannot control all that is around me) I can control how I think and react to it.

With this in mind, I have created the Art Journal page below.  I hope you enjoy  this page and my ramblings about how powerful our thoughts are at influencing our reactions to life’s challenges.

ArtJournal Change.thoughts floral

Materials used:

Happy Day to you!


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