Art Journal – Low Key

Hello all,

Today was a pretty tough day at work.  After getting home late, I received my first bright note of the day when I found that my daughter had made dinner for us.  She is a wonderful girl!  Still, even after a nice dinner, I couldn’t shake the keyed up feeling that I had from my shaky work day,

So, I decided to work on an Art Journal page.  Funny thing (without even thinking too much about it) the journal page ended up with a “key” theme.  Get it?  Keyed up…key theme.  Ha! Makes me laugh. Which, by the way, is the point.   By the time I was done with the journal page I was feeling much lighter and happier.  Craft therapy…it is a wonderful thing.

No recipes or extra notes tonight, now that I am feeling relaxed and happy I am going to see if I can get some much needed sleep.
Hope you all have a great week!
Happy day,

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