Confessions of a Stamp’oholic – #1

So, I saw this t-shirt the other day that said “I am not a hoarder, I just need a larger craft room”.  I can so relate to this statement.  It seems that I never have enough room to store all of my wonderful craft supplies and all of them are certainly too awesome to get rid of.  I mean, you never know when that old yarn may come in handy or when old bottle caps will be the perfect element for my next project.  My need for craft supplies and storage issues have made me a master of organization, after all.  A skill that has benefited me in other areas of my life, I might add.

I confess, that I have do dads and thingy m’jigs in every nook and cranny of my craft room!  I confess, that I have to keep books and records of all my stuff in order to remember what I even have.  I also confess that, since it all makes me happy, I have no plans on changing soon! As long as I can keep my wonderful stuff all neat an organized (I really am obsessive about organization), I say stamp on and be happy!

(…just to tell my husband.  lol)

Happy Stamping!

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